Quality Ingredients

We use personally grown and locally sourced ingredients to make our beer.


Our hops are grown in our own backyard.


We use the most pristine water available.


Our malts are delicious malted grains.


We hand pick just the right blend.


Our Beer Mission

At Hopping Goats Brewing our goal is to make beer that does not conform to ideologies established by "Big Beer". We do not sell beer to line our pockets. This allows us to push the boundaries of beer and discover new dimensions in taste.

Quality Ingredients

What good is having great beer making skills if we used terrible quality ingredients? We use the best ingredients for an amazing taste we are proud of.

More Variety

As we continue to grow our business and develop new brewing technigues, we aim to produce new and exciting flavours.

Expand Our Operation

We are going to do our best to get our delicious small craft beer delivered to as many locations as possible.

The Beer

We have crafted a variety of unique flavours for all occasions.

Bitter In Moose Jaw

A crisp beer with some bitterness.

Concrete Blond

Style: American Pale Ale

IBU: 21.8

ABV: 5%


A smooth wheat beer with citrus.


A full bodied amber beer.

Welcome To The Machine

A dark stout with a roasted flavour.

X-13 Barleywine

A prize winning secret recipe.

The Brew Team

We love to make beer as much as we love to drink beer.

Serge Chevrier


The guy who started Hopping Goats Brewery. It started with a dream about beer.


Alexandre Chevrier

Director of Beer

The guy who likes taking care of business. A skilled beermaker in his own right.


Leticia Simoneau

Brew Team

The girl who helps to make a quality beer and also keep things running smoothly.

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Quebec, Canada


(306) 681-4312


It's always a good time for a beer.